Art Deco, Ruby and Diamond Ring and Victorian, Topaz and Diamond Cluster Ring

SKU: ARB-401 and ARB-406


Pink topaz and diamond cluster ring, circa 1880. Topaz comes in a variety of hues in addition to the famous golden yellow ‘Imperial’ variety, and one of its most attractive and historically popular shades is a delicate pastel pink, as seen in this example. Pink topaz is not commonly seen in modern jewellery, and this charming stone is cut in the traditional oval step cut style, typical for antique specimens. It sits at the centre of a late 19th century cluster ring, within a border of antique circular-cut diamonds, the shoulders additionally set with cushion-shaped diamonds. A classically feminine ring, which looks beautiful worn.


Ruby and Diamond Ring. A bright pinkish ruby weighing approximately 0.40 carats sits at the centre of this beautiful cluster ring. Rubies, like emeralds, owe their colour to the element chromium, but the difference in their molecular structure results in a spectrum of pinks, purples and reds. With their combination of beauty and rarity, it’s not surprise that rubies are often known as the ‘king of coloured stones’, and historically are the most valuable coloured stone per carat. This oval stone’s outline is echoed by its setting, encircled by early 20th century cushion-shaped diamonds, in a millegrain-bordered mount that sits low on the finger. A beautiful example of a classic design, an excellent choice for an engagement ring.


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