When purchasing rings made of precious metals and valuable gemstones, many people don't realise the damaging effect and unethical impact buying new jewellery can have on our world. We, at Antique Ring Boutique, believe that deciding to buy an antique, or second-hand ring is always the most ethical choice you can make!

Help The Planet, And Your Pocket

In a climate of which the demand for sustainable production and eco-friendly practices are permanently on the world's agenda, consumer's are opting to put their money into businesses and products that respect this sensibility.

The mining, refining and transportation of highly-prized minerals has been an area of contention for many years; with substantiated claims of human-slavery, exploitation and unsafe working conditions, along with numerous ill-effects on the surrounding environment such as; soil erosion, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, or contamination of soil or water by emitted chemicals.

Although no vendor of antique jewelry can be completely certain that every piece is free of 'blame' for these issues, reducing the demand for brand-new items contributes to alleviating the ongoing destruction and maltreatment seen today. Giving valuable rings a second-home means you are also cutting the poisonous output created during the production processes, that are often responsible for pumping carbon emissions and other harmful substances into our precious habitat.

In summary, by choosing to buy antique rings, you are part of the change!

Packaged With Care

In line with our belief that businesses should always put mother nature at the forefront of their minds, Antique Ring Boutique encloses all orders in beautifully elegant, yet totally eco-considered packaging. We work with a solutions partner that are industry-leading in their approach to creating sustainable packaging.

You can be sure that the packaging you receive your purchase in will be;

- Made from certified wood sources and with natural glue

- Completely biodegradable and compostable

- Produced using locally-sourced labour

- Vegan, animal-friendly and plastic-free

- Printed with non-toxic ink

Not only that...

Inside the packaging, your ring will arrive housed in an original antique box; also serving to reduce the negative consequences of manufacturing, that result from freshly produced articles.