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Edwardian, 18ct Gold, Opal and Diamond Five-Stone Ring

Product SKU: ARB-179

This five-stone ring is set with a line of graduated iridescent opals, and dates from the opening decades of the 20th century. Opals had fallen out of favour in the mid 1800s, when a novel by Sir Walter Scott depicted them as unlucky, an unfair reputation that unfortunately stuck for a few decades. Thankfully, by the early 1900s, opals were very much back in favour, bolstered by a string of important discoveries in Australia, which became the source of roughly 90% of global output. The stone captured the imagination of the public due to its beautiful play of colour, and found a new generation of admirers, as its colours worked beautifully with the aesthetic of the day. With their light body colour and translucency, the opals in this ring form a band of diaphanous light across the finger, enhanced with small circular-cut diamonds. This ring would look great, either worn alone, or mixed and matched as part of a ring stack.