Burmese Rubies

Burmese Rubies | The Pigeon's Blood Gemstone

Rubies have been a popular gemstone for centuries, however, certain rubies are highly coveted. The most valuable rubies originate predominantly from Burma, presently known as Myanmar, and are known as Burmese Rubies. These rubies are substantially greater in quality than rubies from other areas, and they also have a deeper, more attractive red hue. Pigeon Blood Rubies, the most desired ruby hue, are frequently Burmese Rubies.

Why Burmese Rubies?

Rubies are valued for their beauty, durability, and scarcity, but the quality of the colour is what affects the value the most. High-quality rubies with a bright fluorescent red are in very high demand. Rubies from Burma have long been popular, with mining records reaching back over 500 years in Burma. Officially, ruby, jade, and other gemstones constitute Burma's (Myanmar's) fifth-largest export, although government data are notoriously untrustworthy. Official ruby and jade auctions are held in Myanmar, but hundreds of millions of dollars in gems are sold at open market rates in China, Thailand, and India every year.

Properties of Burmese Rubies 

The presence of chromium in rubies is what causes them to be red in the first place. The more chromium a ruby possesses, the brighter and deeper its red colour. Pigeon blood is a red tint seen in genuine Burma rubies that can be characterised as purple-red or dark pink-red. The intense hue of Burma ruby is just one of the reasons for its appeal. It is also exceedingly durable, with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

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