What Does My Gemstone Mean?

What Does My Gemstone Mean?

, by Talia Wallis, 10 min reading time

Touching on the meaning and symbolism behind some of your favourite gemstones!

Through folklore and mythology we have seen symbolism be attributed to crystals and gemstones alike, however it is lesser known that this superstitious practice actually evolved from a very practical and logical happening. During the 18th century, the English and French royal courts used what was referred to as "gem language' to relay discreet messages to one another without disrupting the etiquette. 
The first letter of the name of the gem conveyed a corresponding motto or sentiment, with the correct acrostic placement, you could bequeath the room- or one individual with a secret message of sorts!
This concept has greatly evolved and merged with astrology, mythology and folklore to attribute gemstones new associations or connotations that are often uplifting or positive, making these precious stones a form of talisman. Find out the contemporary sentiment of your gemstone below.
The bold azure blue of a sapphire is thought to represent the study of the stars- this is obvious when we notice the resemblance between a sapphire's deep hue and the colour of the night sky. The name sapphire is derived from the Latin ‘saphirus,’ which directly translates to ‘blue.’ Sapphires are symbolic of luck, loyalty, happiness and love. Browse our full collection of Sapphire Rings
The rich scarlet colour of a ruby resembling blood is thought to represent the power of life itself. They are also known to be symbolic of good health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. They were very popular during the 15th and 16th centuries and are particularly prized in Asian countries, seeing as they were commonly traded along China's North Silk Road. 
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The bright green precious variety of beryl is a stone that is representative of life itself. It is thought to symbolise inspiration, balance, wisdom, patience as well as abundance and growth in all areas of life- this feels apt due to the rich leafy colour of an emerald, that is reflective of much of the natural world. 
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The ancient Greeks believed that topaz could make a wearer invisible, during the Renaissance people thought that topaz could break magic spells and for centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn near one’s heart will assure beauty, intelligence and a long life. This heavily auspicious gemstone was also thought to balance strong emotions, believed to encourage longevity and wisdom. Topaz has been revered by humankind for millennia. It is a mellow, empathic crystal that soothes, heals, and recharges.  Browse our full collection of Topaz Rings
This stone is known as the olivine stone that keeps trouble at bay. It is thought to aid in maintaining a clear and calm mind, which in turn attracts an abundance of opportunities and financial prosperity. They are considered to be a friendly and joyful stone that help ease negative emotions such as jealousy and instead encourage an open heart and mind, an attitude of gratitude. 
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Generally speaking, gemstones that occur with a blue tinted hue are thought to be representative of serenity, stability, and calmness. Tourmaline is a stone that cultivates compassion. It is a stone of reconciliation that fosters a cool-headed nature and attracts financial prosperity, healing  and stability. Tourmaline is an absolutely wonderful stone to reaffirm one's roots and remain grounded.  Browse our full collection of Tourmaline Rings
Opal is a gemstone with a heavy symbolic attachment. It has long been a symbol of hope, purity, and truth and its characteristic prismatic appearance grants it a reputation of nothing less than enchanting. In folklore, it was thought to be the most rare and powerful gem. A great symbol of love, that was even referred to as the Cupid Stone. This romantic connotation has led some to believe that it has properties that promote romance and passion. 
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Moonstone is thought to be symbolic of inner clarity and cyclical change. This opalescent gemstone has a strong connection to the feminine and has long held observers in awe because of its iridescence- very similar to that of the opal. Moonstone is also thought to aid in relieving strong emotions, it has tranquil properties that invite restoration, female intuition and protection. 
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Garnets symbolise love and friendship. With the colour associations towards blood and the human heart, red or pink garnets have long been considered to be the great symbol of love and are believed to have properties that aid the bonds of love. The green variety of garnets occur in a hue that is reminiscent of nature, it is because of this that they have connotations that relate to the rejuvenation life force or vitality and human growth. 
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Its name derives from the Greek word 'amethystos.' This gem’s purple colour was historically believed to relieve stress and strain as well as keeping negative emotions at bay, nowadays it represents the preservation of peace and the purity of one’s spirit. It is also thought to dissolve negativity and grief while also enhancing one’s natural intuition.  Browse our full collection of Amethyst Rings.
The sweet and soft hue of morganite is what grants it a reputation for being symbolic of purity and innocence. It ranges between a pink and orange hue that is reminiscent of ballet slippers. Morganite's peachy tone is reminiscent of the very first rays of a sunrise and because of this it is thought to be a gemstone that brings its wearer a sense of comfort and safety. It also has connotations to healing and assurance both of which we may feel when we bask in the morning light. Pink gemstones also tend to be historically representative of all things to do with love, romance and relationships. Overall, it is a gemstone of sweetness and compassion.
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Myth and folklore suggest that pearl is symbolic of the wisdom we obtain over a long period of time or wisdom that is gained through experience. This is a very apt connotation seeing as pearls are very slowly formed in a hard mollusk upon the intrusion of a foreign particle- this is comparable to the wisdom we gain when we prevail through lifes challenges. To some they may also signify innocence and unwavering faith, the very process of a pearls creation denotes strength, healing and perseverance. 
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The durability and robustness of a diamond awards it connotations with impenetrable strength. The clarity and luminosity of a diamond also grant it associations with the kind of lightness and sparkle we want to attract into both our personal and romantic lives. Notable and high standing figures throughout history have adorned themselves in diamonds as a sign of prestige and power as well as in the hope that this resilient and perennial stone will inspire strength and clear thinking.  
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The warm and joyous hue of a citrine is what lends it the reputation of being a ‘success’ stone. Thought to bring prosperity in both love and life, it is believed that citrine will brighten the days of those who choose to wear it. Similar to how the sun peaking through the clouds can brighten a gloomy day it is no surprise that this special gemstone is thought to help our overall vitality and energy. This sunshine-y gemstone is thought to help one feel more aligned, dynamic and vibrant. 
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