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Emerald Makes a Comeback!

Emerald Makes a Comeback!

Talia Wallis |

Over the last few months emeralds have been the centre of attention in the jewellery world and truly seem to be making a comeback. Whether it is a cocktail, cluster or engagement ring, everyone seems to want an emerald! Green being a secondary colour previously left emerald second to other gemstones such as ruby or sapphire, that have a more traditional feel…but not anymore. 

Emerald is a bright green precious variety of beryl, known to contain more inclusions than their beryl-family counterparts. Heavily symbolic; this is a stone that is representative of life itself.  It is thought to encourage peace, love and new beginnings making it a very apt and popular choice for an engagement ring. 

Emerald is known to have a soft surface and is ranked relatively low on Mohs Scale of Hardness, its lower durability means that although suitable for everyday wear, emerald owners must take the utmost care to preserve the life of their leafy green gemstones. This brings me to wonder why it has proven to be so popular…Perhaps the delicate nature of the emerald, that requires such intentional care, makes one feel closer to the piece itself? Perhaps their slightly lower durability makes them all the more rare? I think its zesty colour is also highly responsible for its recent comeback!

The vibrant hue of an emerald is sure to make a statement, it catches the eye very quickly making it a bold choice for an engagement ring, perfect for someone who likes to go against the grain. Emeralds also vary greatly in hue depending on their origins and can appear in ripe yellow-green tones as well as deep sea-green hues. The colour-way of an emerald is also highly versatile and suits a range of metals, both cool and warm toned; this significantly broadens the spectrum of people who may opt for an emerald engagement ring.

This highly brilliant gemstone is known for its lustre and luminescent quality, it is generous with its sparkle and comes second only to diamond, in a cluster formation- encircled with a halo of diamonds it produces a dazzling display of green tinted light and will be sure to impress all those in its midst, making it a wonderful choice for a special occasion! Looking for a modern twist on a classic engagement ring? Perhaps consider an Emerald Cluster, it will be sure to make you stand out.

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