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5 tips to wear your diamonds everyday

5 tips to wear your diamonds everyday

Talia Wallis |

Diamonds to some signify something serious. Whether it is an engagements or a special birthday- as the DeBeers slogan goes, “diamonds are forever” However,  that doesn't mean you can't wear them for just a day! Here are 5 tips to help you don your diamonds with confidence on a day-to-day basis! 

Tip 1

For a day to day look- stick to just one or two pieces featuring diamonds- whether it be earrings, or a necklace, it is best not to be overzealous, these little beauties make a strong statement. If your pieces are very small or understated you can experiment with wearing more. 

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Tip  2

Luxury shouldn't be exclusive to formality, however we do want to take care of diamonds. For that reason, Avoid wearing your diamonds to occasions where they may slip off your finger- so avoid wearing them on beach trips, pool days or to the spa! Instead wear them on your city break, to your work, your friend’s birthday, Friday cocktails or even Sunday lunch! Just avoid water! 

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Tip  №3

When wearing a flamboyant and statement diamond piece stick to a single toned outfit, avoid clashes of different colours as this will distract from your jewellery. You can wear a colourful dress, however pay attention to things like neckline, sleeve length, hair do- and whether your diamond piece can be properly seen. We want our diamonds to be complimented by our look and not compete with it. 

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Tip №4

Play with stacking! This is the perfect way to dress your diamonds down, and create a more day-to-day look. For example, a diamond ring would look beautiful nestled next to a simple vintage gold band. Or if you are feeling more daring, position it next to another ring featuring gemstones. You can also stack necklaces and bracelets. Here are some examples of stacking that we love! 

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Tip 5

If you are yet to buy your first diamond piece and are looking to wear it everyday, perhaps try something that features multiple small diamonds instead of a single bigger diamond. This will make it a little more wearable- however if you are a more galvanised diamond wearer (or want to be) then simply remember the “lips Vs eyes” rule in makeup. Similarly to cosmetics, we do not want to create an exhibit of all of our jewellery at once, as though on display at a museum. We want to wear it and not be worn by it- so be mindful of your pairings and keep looks balanced. Below are some good examples of balanced jewellery looks! 



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