Exploring the Different Ring Styles

Three & Five Stone Rings
Three or Five-stone engagement rings are a lovely alternative to Cluster or Solitare rings! They rival the brilliance of a halo cluster and the versatility of a solitaire and are therefore perfect for everyday wear. Multiple stone rings allow for more versatility and colour, which may suit someone who has an affinity for a particular gemstone or someone who has a more contemporary approach.
Traditionally a three-stone ring is representative of a couple's past, present, and future together. While a five-stone ring represents the five qualities of a good relationship: love, commitment, trust, communication and empathy, alternatively this style is popular for the 5th year anniversary
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Cluster Rings
A Cluster Ring is a ring that features a large centred gemstone or diamond surrounded- or clustered by many smaller diamonds. The cluster ring is an elegant symbol of lifelong commitment and so it is a popular style for engagement rings. With a rich history, this type of ring originates from the ages of Georgian fashion and is still a very common design circulated today. A beguiling central stone surrounded by a generous nestling of diamonds tends to cause quite a stir, they are also undeniably decadent and lustrous.
The surrounding diamonds make a strong showcase of the stone they encircle and act like spotlights, illuminating the ring while adding brilliance and flair. If you are looking for a ring that makes an impact, look no further. 
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Solitaire Rings
Nothing says engaged like the quintessential solitaire silhouette! This style of ring was popularised by Tiffany&Co, it set the standard for what we know engagement rings to be today. The single-stoned Solitaire Ring pays homage to the central stone- usually a diamond, letting it speak for itself.
This understated design is utterly timeless- other engagement ring styles may come and go however the solitaire design has an irrevocable spot in our hearts, these rings will simply never go out of style! 
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