Specialised FAQs

A three-stone ring is a ring that is set with three stones, the central one usually being slightly larger than the accompanying side stones. Three stone rings are thought to represent a couple's past, present and future- the present is represented by the largest stone. They are also sometimes referred to as trilogy or trinity rings- the latter relating to the more traditional symbol of the holy trinity.

To clean a three-stone ring you can follow the same process as other antique or vintage rings, however, take more care around the setting of the stones. If the gemstones are porous or softer on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, take precautions around submerging your ring in water. If your gemstone is not porous, you can submerge or rinse the ring in warm water. It is advised to use a mild soap and soft-bristled brush for tough grime. Always dry three stone rings using a lint-free cloth, to prevent fibres from getting caught in the claws or setting. We advise that you take your vintage rings to be professionally cleaned once a year, this will help to maintain your ring as well as allow for the professional to identify any potential issues that need attention. For well-loved rings, for example, an engagement ring- we advise an at-home cleaning around once a month.

The inspiration behind the popular three-stone ring has evolved with time. It initially was thought to be representative of the Holy Trinity. Another interpretation of the three-stone ring is that each stone represents one of the three essential building blocks of a successful relationship: fidelity, love, and friendship. The final and most common association is with a couple’s past, present and future- this highly romantic connotation make them an apt choice for an engagement. The Georgian era was the first to bear witness to the three-stone engagement ring however it was during the Victorian and Art Deco eras that the Three Stone Ring hit its peak in popularity. It continued to be a firm favourite throughout the Mid Century until today.

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