Specialised FAQs

A solitaire ring is a single diamond of any cut on an understated metal band. The diamond or gemstone stone tends to be larger than those used in more intricate designs as it is the main feature of a solitaire ring. The solitaire style was popularised in 1886 by Tiffany & Co. And ever since then it has been- and will continue to be, a firm favourite for years to come.

A solitaire ring puts all of the emphasis on the central stone. For this reason, its brilliance and lustre must be maintained. For well-loved rings that get a lot of wear, it is important to do an at-home cleaning once a month.

This timeless design was inspired by what is thought to be the first-ever engagement ring and can be traced back to ancient roman times when they used uncut and unpolished gems to serve as a token of lifelong commitment. The single-stone silhouette has an irrevocable place in our hearts, and has become the emblem of engagement itself!

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