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18th Century, Georgian, Portrait Diamond Ring

Product SKU: ARB-543
Georgian portrait ring. Portrait miniatures were one of the most important and intimate art forms of the early Renaissance, and continued to be treasured in various guises until the advent of photography. They could commemorate a lost loved one, display one’s pride and love for their family, or be given as a token of affection from one lover to another. The beautiful woman in this 18th century portrait miniature is adorned with a large pearl earring, and jewelled head ornament, in a pink bodice lined with lace that shows her beautifully pale décolletage. This romantic portrait is skilfully rendered by the artist, and the jeweller has set it within a sparkling border of antique cushion-shaped diamonds. A rare survival in excellent condition, this superb portrait miniature ring would be the perfect addition to anyone’s antique jewellery collection.