Much like the fashion and textiles of the same period, trends and styles in jewellery varied substantially during Queen Victoria's reign. The monarch's love for her husband, mourning of his death, and her later optimism for the future were defining moods reflected through designs of this era; in the coined 'Romantic', 'Grand' and 'Aesthetic' periods.
The 'Romantic' period was characterised by the expression of love; with 'REGARD' rings serving as equivalent of a bunch of flowers - comprised of Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond. Another popular design was two hands clutching a stone; a symbol of friendship or companionship.
Echoing the sombre mood of Victoria, rings throughout the 'Grand' period were commonly featuring black gemstones such as onyx or jet, along with black enamel. Mourning rings grew in popularity; with the public desire to mimic their ruling sovereign.
An eye on the future influenced jewellery in the 'Aesthetic' period. In a break from solely focussing on the value of a stone, gems were used for their visual properties - for this reason rings became lighter and more practical in contrast to the heavy, chunky styles of the earlier periods.