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Discover antique and vintage engagement rings featuring dazzling sapphires. Sapphire is said to be the gemstone of harmony, friendship and loyalty. Derived from the Persian "Saffir", or the Greek "Sapphiros", the best-known colour associated with sapphire is blue. However, a sapphire can be found in a kaleidoscopic range of colours; including pink, orange, yellow, purple, black and even yellow. All of our coloured sapphires are as nature intended, completely natural and untreated. After diamond, sapphire is the hardest gemstone on the planet which makes them a perfect choice for the centre stone of an engagement ring.

A coruscating and distinctive choice, sapphires have been valued for their mesmerising colours and durability for millennia. In rare circumstances, an unusual phenomenon can occur. These extraordinary gemstones can develop chameleon-like qualities. A ‘colour-change’ sapphire can change colour when exposed to different light sources. A true wonder of nature, these gems are as beautiful as they are unique.

Our collection comprises styles from across the periods from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Mid Century. All exquisitely designed by craftsman from a bygone era to showcase these incredible vibrant gemstones.