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A unique alternative to other mass-produced rings, our collection of antique Edwardian rings has been expertly designed using the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional ring with an elegant and minimalistic style, such as our beautiful Edwardian, 18 Carat Gold Platinum, Natural Pearl and Diamond Ring, or seek a ring shimmering with exquisitely vibrant colours, such as our striking Edwardian, Black Opal and Diamond Ring, we’re confident that you will find the perfect antique Edwardian ring.

Edwardian Era Ring Designs

The reigning monarch King Edward's taste in colours greatly influenced Edwardian ring designs. Peridots, emeralds, green garnets, and amethysts generously adorned designs. Edwardian rings are characterised by their garland and ribbon motifs, which were intended to enhance the elegance and perceived femininity of the women who wear them.

In antique Edwardian ring designs, the colour white traditionally represented purity and innocence and thus, was often incorporated by means of materials such as platinum, white gold and gemstones such as diamonds and pearls. The period also saw the advent of diamond engagement rings, which still remain prevalent today.

In our collection of Edwardian antique rings, you'll find intricate and distinctive ring designs that reflect those period trends. Discover the distinctive details and styles of our rings' various periods on the 'About Periods’ page.

Rings by Occasion

Our collection of exquisite antique rings features a diverse selection of Edwardian designs that bring a wealth of elegance and sophistication to its wearer, whatever the occasion.

Whether you desire an antique engagement ring, like our effortlessly stunning Edwardian, Platinum, 18 Carat Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, or seek a beautiful antique for a special occasion, like our inquisitively vibrant Edwardian, 18 Carat Gold, Indicolite Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect ring within our antique collection.

Rings by Gems

Our collection of exquisite antique Edwardian rings has been handpicked by jewellery experts for your selection. Explore our exquisite collection of ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond rings and find the perfect gemstone ring for you or your loved one.

Learn more about the precious, semi-precious, and organic stones that emanate character in our remarkable collection when you visit our ‘Explore Stones’ page.

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Specialised FAQs

Edwardian rings come from the relatively brief Edwardian era under the reign of King Edward VII, the heir of Queen Victoria which spanned from 1901 to 1910. At its youngest an Edwardian ring would be 112 years old, at its oldest- 121 years old- this classifies Edwardian rings as antique rather than vintage.

Millegraine detailing and scalloped borders are very typically Edwardian elements of design. The fluidity of Edwardian jewellery is also a key feature of this period. Jewellery from this period often incorporates hinges or swags that swing or dangle stones creating a lively sense of movement. Other tell-tale signs of a ring's Edwardian heritage are the use of filigree detailing (a delicate metal work), an elongated oval or navette shape as well as a feminine or flowery appeal. The Belle Époque style was very popular during this time. Pastel colours and frivolous, decadent designs were much appreciated.

This is the final jewellery period appellation to be defined by a British monarch. King Edward was the antithesis of his mother and preferred a much more light-hearted approach. He was highly sociable and swam in circles with nouveau riche plutocrats, enjoying a lavish life of luxury. Innovative leaps occurred during this era and directly influenced the manufacturing of jewellery. Intricate metalwork became much more accessible and because of this allowed jewellers more freedom to create pieces that took on more flowing forms, often mimicking ribbons or bows. Edwardian jewellery often sought inspiration from times gone by and mirrored the feminine aesthetic of The Courts of Versailles.

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