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  • Amethyst

    Extremely popular ever since it was first discovered many thousands of years ago, Amethyst is stunning purple gemstone like no other. Unrivalled in colour and hue, the gemstone has been...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Zircon | Antique Zircon rings


    Zircon A stone of propserity Diverse in colour and rich in appearance, Zircon gemstones really make an exceptional centre stone for an antique ring. Not to be confused with cubic...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Turquoise

    Turquoise - An ancient treasure Vibrant blue hues, with intricate veins of brown and black, also known as its matrix, turquoise has become so significant that we use it today...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Art Deco Jewellery

    Art Deco Jewellery

    A time period defined by sleek geometric designs and the glamour and glitz of the early jazz movement; the Art Deco era was a time period like no other. The...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Spinel - A Stone of Joy and Revitalization

    Spinel A Stone of Joy and Revitalization Often mistaken for rubies or sapphires, spinel is beautiful variety of crystal family that is available in a range of stunning colours. First...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Ruby Gemstones

    Nothing says love and romance like a dazzling ruby gemstone. First popularized in the late 1800s, Ruby has been one of the most highly sought over gemstones ever since they...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Opal – The Galaxy Gemstone

    Opal – The Galaxy Gemstone

    written by Dimitri Zlatev History Opal is the world's most popular, phenomenal gemstone. Writers have compared opals to volcanoes, fireworks and galaxies with many cultures associating the stone with having...

    Samuel Mee |

  • Early Gemstone Cutting

    Early Gemstone Cutting

    During the middle ages the most common cut was the cabochon, with a convex upper surface, these stones were far from anything technical in the art of gemstone cutting. These...

    Samuel Mee |