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Extremely popular ever since it was first discovered many thousands of years ago, Amethyst is stunning purple gemstone like no other. Unrivalled in colour and hue, the gemstone has been coveted throughout many different cultures all over the world. Once believed to be a cure for drunkenness and highly prized by the Greeks, Amethyst gemstones have become one of the most highly sought after semi-precious gemstones. Let us explore the history behind this stunning purple variety of quartz and how it became one of the most popular gemstones.

The history of Amethyst

Little is known about where Amethyst gemstones were first found, however, stunning amethyst talismans and beaded amethyst jewellery pieces have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Many ancient civilizations have placed a very high value on these vivid gemstones. According to Greek mythology, people used to sleep with amethyst as they believed these gemstones could help people relax. The ancient Greeks also used amethyst to cure drunkenness and this is how the gemstone got its name - word Amethyst, which is derived from the Greek word amethystos meaning not drink.

Amethyst jewellery

Jewellery featuring alluring deep purple amethyst gemstones would make a perfect present for an Aquarius or Pieces. Representing the month of February, Amethyst jewellery, especially rings would male an excellent gift for someone who is born around this time of year or someone who loves vibrant gemstone jewellery

Antique Amethyst Rings

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