The Georgian Era

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A time of rapid societal change, the Georgian era was a period like no other. Defined by the reign of King George II, George III – the longest reigning king in English history and George IV, this era was all about intricate designs and decorative aesthetics. The style and quality of jewellery crafted during this time is unrivalled. The longevity of many elegant Georgian jewellery pieces makes them still highly coveted.

Jewellery from The Georgian Era

With intricate Repoussé metal work and naturalistic designs, it's no surprise Georgian jewellery is still highly sought after today. Handmade jewellery that was designed during this time exude all the beauty and charm of the Georgian era. This was a time that saw a major change in design from everything from architecture to fashion to jewellery.
The shift in fashion during this time was greatly influenced the designs of Georgian jewellery. Upper class men and women spoiled themselves with in brightly coloured flamboyant styles with exaggerated details. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets of this era needed to match style of high society. Vivid gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and garnets were extremely popular in Georgian jewellery. New gemstone cuts were also introduced to showcase enhance the sparkle and beauty of stones withing jewellery pieces.

Georgian Antique Rings

Pieces created during the Georgian era were not only were extremely labour-intensive to create, but also incredibly rare in compared to jewellery crafted during following eras. Throughout this period, rings were predominantly cast in silver, yellow gold, rose gold or less commonly red gold, and the practice of melting down out-of-fashion pieces and recycling the metal was common. At the Antique Ring Boutique we have a selection of stunning Georgian Antique Rings
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