How to Pick the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

, by Joelle Banton, 2 min reading time

There's something so romantic about wearing a ring with a history, and something so charming about a pre-loved ring that you don't typically find in a new one. However, finding an antique engagement ring might be difficult. You'll have to go out and acquire your own period piece unless you're lucky enough to inherit a family ring you like - and that's where we come in! We've put together a purchasing guide for buying an antique engagement ring. 

Research the gemstones

Before you make that all important purchase, look into gemstones and gemstone grading -  especially if you're after a diamond ring. Familiarise yourself with the Four Cs - colour, clarity, carat, and cut. Antique and antique diamonds feature old-fashioned shapes that don't necessarily maximise the stone's brightness and are more likely to have obvious defects, but this may add to their allure! Whatever type of ring you choose, doing your homework ahead of time will help you establish your expectations. If you're interested in a specific era, style, or gemstone, do some research and save some photographs. 

Understand the Distinction between authentic antique pieces and costume rings 

If you plan on buying an antique engagement ring from a dealer in person, it's best you know the difference between costume and antique jewellery.  Many antique jewellery pieces found in antique shops are actually costume jewellery pieces. This means the rings, necklaces and earrings are gold-plated silver (or brass) rather than real gold. These pieces are also usually made with non-precious gemstones or crystal rather than precious stones. Although costume rings are beautiful, these pieces aren't great for an engagement ring since they are made from less expensive materials that don't age well.
Know the style and type of antique engagement ring you're after
There are many different types of antique engagement rings on the market, so narrowing down your search will make the process a whole lot easier. Examine jewellery from many eras to discover if there is a specific style that appeals to you. Throughout your search you may also find a particular gemstone stands out to you like an emerald, ruby, garnet, or sapphire. 

Things to remember 

Most jewellery pieces come with an certificate that authenticates the item. Most engagement rings also comes with a gemmological report which primarily verify a stone's identification and validity, as well as its geographic origin. 
It is also important to remember that there and many antique-style rings and replicas on the market. 
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