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Image licensing

Unless stated otherwise, the Antique Ring Boutique (ARB) owns the copyright of all images and videos on this website, including our high-quality original photography of antique and vintage jewellery.

You may not use or reproduce these images or videos without the express written / emailed permission of the ARB.

We are very happy to consider granting permission for non-commercial usage of our assets if you abide by these conditions:

  • You must credit the Antique Ring Boutique as the owner of the copyright.
  • You must make it clear that the copyright remains with us. 
  • You must include a clickable link to this licence page as part of these acknowledgements.

We would encourage you to link to the original page on this site that the image was featured on - this is so your website users can find out more information or see more imagery. This is not a requirement, however, of us giving permission. We never delete the pages of sold rings, so you will never suffer from linking to a dead page. 

If you'd like to find images from specific eras, we recommend the following pages:

  • Art Deco rings
  • Art Nouveau rings
  • Belle Epoque rings
  • Edwardian rings
  • Georgian rings
  • Victorian rings
  • Vintage (50-100 years)
  • 1960s rings
  • 1970s rings
  • 1980s rings