Caring For Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond

Ruby and Sapphire belong to the corundum gem family. This gem family is known to be the second hardest gem material in the world, coming second only to diamond. Because sapphire and ruby belong to the same family, and therefore have the same level of hardness - they will not be able to scratch each other- however, are susceptible to being scratched by diamond.   


Chips, Scratches & Cracks
Gems in the corundum family are relatively robust. A highly durable gemstone suitable for daily wear, they are not likely to crack or chip and will not develop scratches from dust particles. However, it is always better to store your jewellery in separate cloth or silk lined pouches, to prevent even the slightest possibility of wear.  Sapphires and Rubies are stable under normal wearing conditions such as light, heat and common chemicals. However, avoid acids, extreme heat or temperature change to avoid cracks or ruptures. 
Diamonds have a high level of hardness and are known for scratching metals, softer gemstones and even other diamonds! It is best to store your diamond pieces separately, in a dry, controlled environment with no exposure to the elements! Exposure to sunlight or humidity will deteriorate your diamond over time. A diamond may be high on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, that however does not mean it is indestructible. Diamonds too, are sensitive to extreme temperature changes, as well as chipping or cracks given the right conditions. Diamonds can chip or fracture from hard impact, especially in areas where the carbon atoms are not tightly bonded. These areas, called cleavage planes, are the major source of damage to diamonds.
If you would like to clean your gemstone piece, a mild detergent, warm water and a soft bristled brush will suffice. Let it soak in the water, softly scrub it to remove build up and surface dirt,  then gently dry with a lint free cloth. Additionally, you may choose to have them cleaned or polished professionally once in a while- we highly recommend this to retain the longevity and lustre of your precious gemstone!  It goes without saying, avoid using abrasive cleaners, such as baking soda, toothpaste or lemon juice, while the diamond or gemstone may not be damaged, platinum and gold are prone to scratching and corrosion by acid.
The shine of gold or platinum will also affect the vibrancy of your gemstone, ensure you have your gold or platinum periodically re-plated so they continue to compliment the brilliance of your gemstone. 
Natural gemstones, particularly sapphires are most vibrant in spring-summer months when the sun is shining. When storing gemstones away for periods of time, due to darkness they may reduce the appearance of their colour. Placing the natural gemstone in direct sunlight for 20-30 minutes will bring the colour and vibrancy back. This is a natural phenomenon in naturally coloured gemstones.
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