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About Aquamarine

Derived from the Latin words aqua marinus which means translates as “water of the sea”, aquamarines have been highly treasured gemstone for hundreds of years. According to legend Aquamarines were the lost treasures of mermaids. Read on to discover more about this stunning sea-blue gemstone that is featured in many or our antique jewellery pieces

About Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a pale blue variety of beryl, the mineral family which also includes emerald, as well as the yellow variety heliodor and the pink variety morganite. In contrast to emeralds, aquamarine is often found in relatively large, clean crystals, the most famous source being the Santa Maria mine in Brazil

What does aquamarine symbolise?

The clarity and delicate blue hue of aquamarine has given the stone the obvious affinity with water from which its name is derived. Aquamarine is the birthstone of march, and historically the stone been endowed with talismanic properties, protecting sailors on their travels by ensuring a calm, blue ocean.

Aquamarine Antique Jewellery  

At the Antique Ring Boutique we have a selection of stunning antique rings that feature high quality, untreated aquamarine gemstones. Whether you’re shopping for a unique antique engagement ring or simply want to treat yourself to jewellery that features the stone of the sea, at the Antique Rings Boutique we have a selection of exceptional aquamarine rings to suit all tastes and occasions.