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The ARB Anniversary Guide

The ARB Anniversary Guide

Talia Wallis |

The most significant of anniversaries are the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. We have carefully selected collections of these significant milestones and have a comprehensive list of the anniversary gemstones & metals below. 

1st Anniversary

With regards to gemstones and metals, one year of marriage is symbolised by gold. Commemorate your first big milestone with an understated gold ring, a charming pendant, a pair of dazzling earrings, or a delicate gilded bracelet. Gold represents strength, wisdom and prosperity making it a wonderfully positive omen to mark the first chapter of married life. It sets the precedent, the foundation of a strong bond that will help the couple take on life together and endure hardship as a pair. As a metal, it also bodes well with many people and is both timeless and classic.

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5th Anniversary 

5 years of marriage calls for a gemstone that can withstand hardship, Sapphire is rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and has excellent durability, making it one of the most long-standing gems – a very fitting symbol for a marriage that is destined to withstand the test of time. It also has associations with loyalty, an aspect of a marriage that is well established come the five year mark, and something to be celebrated.  Looking to commemorate a wonderful 5 years? 

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10th Anniversary 

10 years of marriage is an impressive feat that calls for a notable commemoration…with perhaps the most notable of stones, the diamond. Renowned for their endurance, diamonds are gifted on the 10th year of marriage because of their connotations with resilience. The diamond's clarity and brilliance is also thought to be a symbol of timeless and endlessly illuminated love, like a fire that never goes out. Whether it be a pendant, a charming toi et moi ring or earrings we have a wonderful collection of lustrous diamonds to celebrate your 10th anniversary. The 60th anniversary is also celebrated with diamonds. 

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15th Anniversary 

For centuries rubies have been regarded as a romantic gem, representative of love and passion. The deep scarlet hue is what gives this stone its association to romance and affection. This gemstone perfectly commemorates 15 years of marriage and a love that has undoubtedly grown richer over time. Looking forward, ruby is thought to help a couple move past obstacles with ease and grace. Celebrating 15 wonderful years of marriage? 

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20th Anniversary 

On a couples 20th anniversary it is common to exchange gifts of emerald. This leafy green gemstone is representative of prosperity and cheerfulness in the face of adversity while its hardness and durability awards it an association to strength and resilience. This particular anniversary marks a couples success at withstanding trials, so it is understandable why it is signified by the highly stout emerald.  Distinguished by their rarity, emeralds are the perfect gemstone to celebrate 20 years of unique love. 

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25th Anniversary 

Celebrating a quarter century of marriage is known as the silver wedding anniversary. The 25th anniversary has been celebrated since the Roman times when husbands would gift their wives a silver wreath; it has since been the tradition to exchange gifts of silver on this highly significant day.  After 25 years together, a marriage has likely faced both good and bad times, experienced many challenges and much growth. Silver is a highly valued and brilliant precious metal, its unabashed radiance is what deems it appropriate to represent this special day. 

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30th Anniversary 

Beautiful but scarcely found, pearls are such an apt treasure to represent the 30th anniversary. Reaching 30 years of marriage is relatively seldom and is certainly something to be celebrated. Because of their rarity, pearl fittingly symbolises the beauty and scarcity of such a wonderful union. Synonymous with purity, wisdom and love, pearl necklaces, rings or earrings are a beautifully auspicious choice for 30 years of marriage. Whether you are looking for pearls of Tahitian chocolate brown, classic ivory, lustrous blush pink or star dust grey, we have a wonderful assortment. 

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40th Anniversary 

Similar to the 15 year milestone, 40 years of marriage is commemorated by the highly revered ruby. Used to enhance devotion, romance and passion, the inner fire of well cut ruby is thought to represent the unwavering love that is ongoing even at the milestone of 40 years of marriage. 4 decades together is a truly impressive landmark to reach and should be celebrated with a piece of jewellery that is much more decadent than that of the 15 year anniversary. We have curated a vast collection of 'toi et moi', cluster and cocktail rings set with only the richest of rubies to mark a very important day. 

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50th Anniversary 

50 years of marriage marks a couples golden jubilee. Also used to commemorate the first year of a new union, this precious metal marks the goal posts of a marriage. This parallel is a wonderful way to express the evolution of a marriage. The first gold token, gifted during the first year is usually understated, something that signifies the humble beginnings of a new relationship. After 5 centuries, two people are essentially one, the relationship has evolved, matured, the love is no longer new and full of promise but instead unwavering, solid and limitless. 50 years of marriage should be honoured with a high carat gold. A trinity band,  gilded eternity ring, or a decadent three stone ring are all wonderful options. 

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60th Anniversary 

Extremely precious and shaped by unique conditions, diamonds are the stone to signify 60 years of marriage. Used also to signify 10 years of marriage, this stone is symbolic of a goal post, representative of two highly anticipated anniversaries. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. Beautiful yet impregnable, diamonds are indicative of the endurance and strength that has bonded two people for such a long time. It goes without saying the 60th anniversary diamond token is likely to be one of more significance or decadence! A larger, or higher clarity diamond is suitable for this occasion, as well as a ring that has a higher overall lustre. A bombe, solitaire, or plaque ring would all be wonderful choices for this occasion.

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The ARB Extensive Anniversary Gemstone Guide 

1st Anniversary:
Gold or Peridot
 2nd Anniversary: Garnet
 3rd Anniversary: 
Pearls or Jade
4th Anniversary: Blue topaz or Blue Zircon
5th Anniversary: Sapphire or pink Tourmaline
6th Anniversary: Amethyst or Turquoise
7th Anniversary: Onyx, Yellow Sapphire, or Golden Beryl
8th Anniversary: Tourmaline or Tanzanite
9th Anniversary:
Lapis lazuli, amethyst, or green spinel
10th Anniversary:
Diamond or Blue Sapphire
11th Anniversary: Turquoise, Citrine or Yellow Zircon
12th Anniversary:
Jade or Opal
13th Anniversary:
Citrine, moonstone, or hawk's eye
14th Anniversary:
Opal, Agate or Bloodstone
15th Anniversary:
Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet, or Alexandrite
16th Anniversary:
Peridot or Red Spinel
17th Anniversary: 
18th Anniversary: 
Cat's eye (Chrysoberyl) or Aquamarine
19th Anniversary:
Aquamarine or Almandine Garnet
20th Anniversary:
Emerald or Yellow/Golden Diamond
21st Anniversary:
22nd Anniversary:
23rd Anniversary:
Imperial Topaz
24th Anniversary:
25th Anniversary:
Silver or Green Garnet
30th Anniversary: Pearl
35th Anniversary:
Emerald or Jade
40th Anniversary:
45th Anniversary:
Sapphire or Cat's Eye
50th Anniversary:
Gold or Imperial/Golden Topaz
55th Anniversary:
Emerald or Alexandrite
60th Anniversary:
Diamond or Star Ruby
65th Anniversary:  Blue Spinel
70th Anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee or Smoky Quartz
75th Anniversary: Diamond
80th Anniversary: Ruby 


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