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Glorious Garnet

Samuel Mee |

Rich in colour and glorious in appearance, it’s easy to see how garnet has become one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones. Once mistaken for rubies, garnet is pyrope mineral gemstone that was discovered many hundreds of years ago but is still widely used in jewellery today

The history of garnet

Derived from the medieval Latin word for pomegranate, garnet is beautiful gemstone that has captivated many people for thousands of years. Little is known about where and when garnets were first found however there have been numerous discoveries of garnet jewellery that date back to Ancient Egypt. Garnet jewellery was also particular popular during the bronze age and amount the romans. In many cultures this gorgeous gemstone is a symbol of friendship and vitality. The deep yet rich colour of garnets have also led this gemstone be associated with romance and compassion.

A kaleidoscope of colours

Belonging to the silicate minerals family, garnet is quite unique gemstone that has varieties and comes in a spectrum of colours. The chemical composition of garnets allows this gemstone to attract and reflect the light creating its stunning sparkly appearance. Garnets are most commonly found in irresistible dark shades of red, however, this gemstone is also popular in shades of green, orange and purple.

Antique Garnets Rings

As garnet is the gemstone of January, jewellery featuring this gemstone would make an exceptional gift for Capricorn or Aquarius. The romantic hues of red garnet also make this gemstone perfect for an engagement ring. At the Antique Ring Boutique we have a selection of stunning vintage and antique engagement rings to suit all tastes.

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