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From vintage and antique ruby and diamond engagement rings to magnificent mid-century ruby cocktail rings all set in platinum and 18ct gold. The symbol of love and romance, the ruby is considered the most precious and coveted coloured gemstone of all. With their combination of beauty and rarity, it’s no surprise that rubies are often known as the ‘king of coloured stones’.

Historically significant, amongst European royalty, rubies were thought to bring health, love, peace and wisdom. The radiant colour of a natural ruby is striking to the eye, a remarkable natural phenomenon created by mother nature. Each exquisite ruby ring in our collection is unique. All are heirloom pieces - that special something that can be passed down through generations. Untreated rubies are rare, we are proud to only sell completely natural and untreated gemstones. There is truly nothing that can triumph in colour or match the beauty of a glowing ruby, a timeless symbol of love and passion.