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A necklace is a wonderful way to add visual interest to the neckline, accentuate the décolletage and add elegance to the most simple of looks. Necklaces can be in the form of a pendant and chain or just a string of pearls, or metalwork. Our selection of impressive necklaces have a distinct and grandiose feel- they are on the bolder side and are there to create a statement, inspire a conversation or simply elicit a little awe! Below is our full collection of Impressive Antique and Vintage Necklaces. 

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  • Cabochon-Emerald-Pearl-String-Necklace-Diamond-Art-Deco-Timeless Art Deco | Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Pearl Necklace

    Art Deco | Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Pearl Necklace

    "This is such a decadent string of luminous pearls, the clasp detail is wonderfully detailed, bringing forward an element of necklaces that usually goes unnoticed. The cabochon emerald is set surrounded by delicate diamonds on a setting that has developed a soft natural patina- this emphasises the antique nature of this piece and adds so much charm. What a wonderful necklace."  ~Caring for Pearl Jewellery~ ~ What does my gemstone mean? Emerald The bright green precious variety of beryl is a stone that is representative of life itself. It is thought to symbolise inspiration, balance, wisdom, patience as well as abundance and growth in all areas of life- this feels apt due to the rich leafy colour of an emerald, that is reflective of much of the natural world.   


  • White-Gold-Diamond-Pearl-Pink-Blue-Akoya-Antique Antique | Stunning Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace, White Gold

    Antique | Stunning Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace, White Gold

    "This natural pearl and diamond necklace is such a visual delight. It has been so intricately crafted incorporating swirling metal work and millegrain detailing. The use of pearls and diamonds is incredibly generous and the central blush pearl is well complemented by a very a symmetrical assortment of smaller pearls. This is a very special necklace, and perfect for someone who has an affinity for Akoya pearls."  ~Caring for Pearl Jewellery~ ~ What does my gemstone mean? Pearl Myth and folklore suggest that pearl is symbolic of the wisdom we obtain over a long period of time or wisdom that is gained through experience. This is a very apt connotation seeing as pearls are very slowly formed in a hard mollusk upon the intrusion of a foreign particle- this is comparable to the wisdom we gain when we prevail through life's challenges. To some they may also signify innocence and unwavering faith, the very process of a pearls creation denotes strength, healing and perseverance. 


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Can a ring be re-sized?

Yes, most of our rings can be re-sized; unless stated in the item description. Simply add your required size in the notes section at checkout, and our team will take care of the rest!

What is my ring size?

If you are unsure of your ring size after choosing the perfect ring, please consult the sizing guide here or contact us to get a more accurate gauge of your ring size.

How long does re-sizing take?

Please allow an additional 5 to 10 working days to the delivery time. If you require your order for a particular date, please get in touch as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I purchase a ring and later return it to be re-sized?

Yes, we do. For example, if you have recently purchased a vintage engagement ring online, but it is not quite the right size for your partner, we can resize it. There is no additional charge for this but the buyer is responsible for the return postage and insurance upon return.

Does the ring come with a certificate?

While most of our rings are accompanied by gemological certificates, it is possible to provide a certificate to rings which don’t already have a certificate. There is an additional charge for this. All of the rings are checked and examined by a professional gemologist before they reach the website.

Do you ship items internationally?

Yes, we provide free international express shipping on all online orders. Local taxes and duties may apply. However, we currently do not ship to the following territories: Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Israel, Lithuania, North Korea, Pakistan, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Turkey, etc.

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