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Art Deco, 18ct Gold, Opal and Diamond Ring

Product SKU: ARB-2141

This three-stone ring is set with a trio of beautiful, translucent white opals with beautiful plays of colour. Opals are a gem variety of amorphous silica, and owe their firework displays of iridescence to their inner structure of minute silica spheres. This rainbow of colour led to their reputation as very lucky stones, embodying the virtues of all the stones whose colours were present in its play of colour - an opal with a lot of blue in it possessed the powers of aquamarine and sapphires, for example. Despite falling out of favour in the mid-1800s, when superstitions turned against opals after a novel by Sir Walter Scott depicted them as unlucky, they were very much back in favour by the early 1900s, bolstered by a string of important discoveries in Australia, which became the source of roughly 90% of global output. These three well-matched opals each have a beautiful white body colour revealing underlying orange transparency, each with a distinctive and unique play of colour. Spaced by pairs of early 20th century circular-cut diamonds in a beautiful yellow gold mount, this charming early 20th century ring would look great either worn alone or alongside other rings as part of a stack. At 5.5-6.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, opals can be prone to wear if not treated properly, but worn occasionally and treated with appropriate care, this ring should have no problems standing the test of time.