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Pendants come in so many different fashions and can be wonderful conversation starters! Looking for something eccentric and quirky, or a timeless and easy-to-wear piece? we have carefully curated our pendant selection to satisfy even the most curious of taste! Browse our selection of pendants below! 

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  • Edwardian-Coral-Emerald-Pendant-15-Carat-Yellow-Gold-Antique-Vintage

    Edwardian | Coral and Emerald Pendant, 15ct Yellow Gold

    "This coral and emerald drop pendant is simply charming. I love the motion and movement that is presents. It would make a great layering piece and would be well paired with other yellow gold or coral stoned necklaces. Coral is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality, making this a wonderfully auspicious piece."


  • Ancient-Gold-Pendant-High-Carat-Vintage-Antique

    Ancient | Gold Pendant, High Carat Gold

    "This pendant is in the shape of a small Roman vase. It is intricately decorated with motifs that epitomise the time. The craftsmanship of this piece is truly impressive, the panoramic granulated detailing is cohesive all the way around the pendant, and to think it was done by hand is truly mesmerising. The high carat gold holds a sumptuous, luminescent yellow hue that is incredibly rare to find!" ~Caring for Gold Jewellery ~   Explore our collection celebrating The Glory of Gold  - each piece too irresistible for words.


  • Jade-Gold-Pendant-Mughal-India-Fold-Backed-Natural-Diamond


    "The Mughal Empire was an Islamic early-modern empire that controlled much of South Asia between the 16th and 19th centuries. This pendant is very typical of its time. The use of gold, jade and foil backed glass to create a floral motif pays semblance to the Mughal love of nature. This is a unique and beautiful Vintage Pendant that would be a real statement piece." Place of Origin: India ~ Dimensions: Height 5cm Width at widest point 6.3cm ~ Metal Type: 22ct Gold, Jade, Natural Diamond, Foiled Glass (chain not included) ~ Manufacture Date & Period: 1790 -1820 / Vintage ~ Condition & Wear: Very Good / Wear commensurate with age ~ Weight: 21.38g ~


  • Antique-Soild-Silver-Pendant


  • Antique-Soild-Gold-Pendant-Jewellery

    A Charming 15ct Gold Pigeon Pendant, Medal of Honour

      ~Caring for Gold Jewellery ~ Explore our collection celebrating The Glory of Gold  - each piece too irresistible for words.


  • Antique-Georgian-Pendant-Brooch-Citrine-Yellow-Gold-Floral-Motif-Flower-18ct

    Antique | Georgian, Citrine Pendant and Brooch, 18ct Yellow Gold

    "This is such a delightful piece! It can be worn as both a pendant or a brooch, and I simply love how the citrine works with the gold to create a cheerful, buttercup like motif- this piece is so warm. It sits really comfortably on the décolletage, and is such a unique statement look." ~Caring for Citrine Jewellery ~  Place of Origin: England ~ Dimensions: Height 6cm (including bail) Width at widest point 5.1cm ~ Metal Type: 18ct Yellow Gold, Citrine (chain not included) '18' Hallmark for 18ct Gold and Makers Mark ~ Manufacture Date & Period: 1800 -1820 / Georgian ~ Condition & Wear: Very Good / Wear commensurate with age ~ Weight: 11.35g ~ Explore our collection celebrating The Glory of Gold - each piece too irresistible for words.


  • Andalusite-Cluster-Pendant-Diamond-15-Carat-Gold-Vintage-Victorian-Antique-Treasure-Boutique

    Victorian | A Rare Andalusite and Diamond Cluster Pendant, 15ct Gold

    "This cluster pendant centres a rare cushion-cut andalusite. Andalusite is thought to symbolise self-realisation and re-alignment. The autumnal palette of colours presents a warm orange-yellow hue. The stone is circled by a cluster of diamonds. Its Victorian origins mean that this piece has a naturally aged finish- otherwise known as patina. This is a beautiful and rare piece, cluster pendants are hard to come by- especially ones that are set with andalusite."


  • Boulder-Opal-Diamond-Pendant-Yellow-Gold-18-Carat-Organic-Natural-Antique-Vintage

    A Wonderful, Boulder Opal and Diamond Pendant, 18ct Yellow Gold

    "This Vintage Pendant is a true wonder. The gold setting follows the natural and organic cut of the stone and is adorned with delicate diamonds that add to the overall brilliance of this piece. Boulder opal is typically very vibrant as we can see here, in its vivid display of turquoise and rich orange-browns.  The exposed back is a testament to its authenticity and is something to look out for when shopping for boulder opals. They are thought to have a calming effect, the refracting colours being representative of our spectrum of emotions. They have connotations with development or expansion, and for this reason, would make a very thoughtful token of appreciation." ~ What does my gemstone mean? Opal Opal is a gemstone with a heavy symbolic attachment. It has long been a symbol of hope, purity, and truth and its characteristic prismatic appearance grants it a reputation of nothing less than enchanting. In folklore, it was thought to be the rarest and most powerful gem. A great symbol of love, that was even referred to as the Cupid Stone. This romantic connotation has led some to believe that it has properties that promote romance and passion. ~ ~Caring for Opal Jewllery~


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