Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco Jewellery

Where it all began

A time period defined by sleek geometric designs and the glamour and glitz of the early jazz movement; the Art Deco era was a time period like no other. The Art Deco era, which began around 1915 in Europe and lasted for a few decades, was all about modernism that influenced design and style. Also called style moderne, this movement epitomised a cultural shift during this time in history that was associated with wealth, luxury and anti-traditional sophistication.

The Art Deco Era

The flamboyant Art Deco Era was a major turning point in history in terms of style and design. Postdating the Edwardian and Belle Epoque eras, this era saw a to shift to vibrant hues and nouveau patterns. Seen in everything from architecture to jewellery, this era had a major influence on todays' modern trends.

Antique, Art Deco, 18ct Rose Gold, French, Natural Colour-Change Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

Belle Époque, 18ct Antique Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

Art Deco Jewellery

The trends which evolved from the art Deco era perfectly exhibits the social changes that took place over this period. Refusing to the look back and dwell in the devastations of WW1, western countries saw this early 1920s as a time for revolutionary change. The way women dressed and expressed themselves drastically changed during this period as they began to take on different job roles and responsibilities. This era ushered in a fun, elegant, more rebellious sense of style that often-featured symmetrical patterns and new materials.

Art Deco Jewellery

Sharp shapes and straight lines that were placed together to create complex motifs were the main characteristics of Art Deco jewellery. New jewellery designs developed during this time also incorporated more unusual materials and gemstones such as spinel, onyx and camo.


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