Why are Colombian Emeralds so precious?

The Colombian Emerald is prized for its beauty, colour, and historical significance. The most well-known beryl-family gemstone is Colombian Emeralds. It is more exquisite than rubies, diamonds, and sapphires due to its Mohs value of 7.5 to 8. But what is the history behind Colombian Emeralds and why are so precious?

The history of Colombian emeralds 

Little is known is about when about when emeralds were first discovered in Columbia, but, it is thought that Spanish Conquistadors were the first to mine it. According to historians, indigenous peoples have been mining the gemstone since 300 AD. The Colombian emeralds were exported by the Spanish to Europe and other continents, where they were prized for their alleged therapeutic properties, which included the treatment of numerous maladies such as fever, epilepsy, and dysentery. Colombian emeralds were also sent to India, where the Mogul monarch carved them with heavenly writing and wore them as a protective symbol. The Indians also call them Mogul emeralds, and the majority of them are kept in museums across the world.

Why Colombian Emeralds? 

Emeralds orgainting from columbia are regarded as one of the most natural gemstones in the world, and they are the only type of emerald created in sedimentary host rock rather than igneous host rock. It is a beryllium stone that owes its stunning colour to vanadium and chromium, two chemical elements that are extremely rare, and these two components are the reason for the hue of the world's sole crystalline greenstone. A gem's market value is determined by its colour, purity, size, and brilliance. It has a unique look that distinguishes it from emeralds, even though they are mined on the same continent. The blue green tint of this diamond is the most valuable. The pure hue and tones of Colombian emeralds have boosted their popularity in the gemstone world. Colombian emeralds have been sought for by celebrities, kings, and influential figures since the time of Cleopatra, and maybe much earlier. The colour tones and brilliance of Colombian emeralds are distinct and show their own distinct appeal, making them valuable.


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