Reasons to buy an Antique Ring

, by Joelle Banton, 1 min reading time

1. They're timeless!

Antique jewellery carries an enduring vintage appeal. There’s something so alluring about timeless jewellery pieces that have been inspired past style periods. Owning an antique engagement ring is like owning a piece of historical treasure

2. It’s more sustainable

Many consumers today inhibit a “throw-away culture” - especially when it’s comes to alloyed jewellery purchased online or in high street shops. Purchasing an antique engagement ring makes you a conservator rather than a consumer as you are purchasing something that has already been worn and past down. The special value attached to antique jewellery also makes these pieces great for hieroooms.
The whole process of creating jewellery can be quite harmful to environment especially if pieces have been mass produced in a factory. The mining of precious metals and gemstones like diamonds is also very harmful to the ecosystem.

3. Incredible works of arts

Most antique rings, especially those dating back to the the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco eras feature elaborate detailing and stunning features. Long before jewellery manufacturing was a things, craftsmen intricately crafted each piece of antique jewellery to perfection

4. It's more ethical

Many jewellery companies have come under fire over the last few years for their use of diamonds which have been mined in unethical ways. Referred to as conflict diamonds, or "blood diamonds" these gemstones have come from mines that have often led to wars and political unrest. People working on these mines often suffer harsh working conditions and some miners even lose their life. All antique jewellery pieces predate the time when "Blood diamonds” started to trickle into markets in the late 1970s.
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